Getting a job in Berlin – career coaching in English


Did you recently move to Berlin and are still struggling in finding a job or staying in one? Is the German job market an enigma to you and the process of applying in that certain super professional „German“-style the big unknown?

Career coaching in English

Well, maybe not for much longer, because a job or career coaching in English can help you understand what jobs you can apply for, how you can achieve the qualifications you need and how to build a strategy for your future career.

No matter if you have ever worked before, or you graduated in Berkely – the coaching will show you how to find and apply to jobs in Germany and what you need to consider.

Who will finance the coaching?

Generally the coaching consists of ten sessions during a period of several weeks. If you are registered unemployed at the Agentur für Arbeit or the Jobcenter, you will probably get the coaching financed. Otherwise you can pay for the coaching independently on a private base.

What does the coaching consist of?

Apart from showing you where to find relevant jobs, how to apply for them and what to say during an interview, you can also work on your social skills during the coaching.

Why social skills?

Have you ever asked yourself what social skills are relevant in German companies or in certain jobs? Not every job requires a good team player or empathy or flexibility, but for many jobs you just need to be very focused and accurate, and – this is very German – to be on time. Time management and the openness to adapt to new rules and people are one of the highest goods you can offer your new future employer. Find out in a job or career coaching how you can make best use of the social skills you already have and how to improve some others.

At indisoft in Berlin we offer job and career coaching in English and German. We will support you in finding a job and showing you a professional perspective for a better and more stable life in the city.