Do You Want to be a Systemic Coach but Struggle with your German Skills?


Are you interested in becoming a systemic coach, but lack the German language skills required for training? Then the systemic coach training in English is a smart choice. It can also be funded 100% by the employment agency or job centre (Agentur für Arbeit/Jobcenter) via an education voucher, the so-called Bildungsgutschein. Read on to learn more about the benefits of becoming a systemic coach, why an English language training at indisoft is helpful, and how to succeed in the programme. In addition, we reveal 5 current professional fields in which you are in demand as a systemic coach.

Benefits of becoming a systemic coach

There are many benefits to becoming a systemic coach. For one, you'll be helping people improve their lives and achieve their goals. You'll be working with clients to help them identify patterns and relationships that may be holding them back and develop strategies to overcome these obstacles. Additionally, you'll be part of a growing professional field that's in high demand. Many individuals and organizations are turning to coaches for guidance and support, and systemic coaching is one of the most effective approaches available.

Why a systemic coach training in English language could be a benefit for you

If you're interested in becoming a systemic coach but lack the German language skills required for training, the training in English language at indisoft is the right choice for you. For one, English is a widely spoken language, and many people may feel more comfortable learning in English than in German. In addition, the majority of coaching literature, research papers, and industry-related resources are available in English, providing you a wealth of information and knowledge to enrich the learning experience and stay updated with the latest developments in systemic coaching.

Joining an English-language training programme also opens doors to networking opportunities with professionals and peers from different countries, facilitating cross-cultural learning, idea exchange, and the formation of international connections. By participating in this English-language training programme, you are not only investing in your professional development but also expanding your cultural and linguistic horizons. The experience of this training contributes to personal growth, fostering intercultural competence, and a broader understanding of the global coaching community.

Successfully complete the systemic coach training in English language

If you decide to pursue the training programme for systemic coaching in English language, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of success. First, make sure you have a solid foundation in English grammar and vocabulary. You'll need to be able to communicate effectively in writing and verbally. Additionally, practice your listening and speaking skills for instance by watching English-language television shows and movies and engaging in conversation with native speakers. Finally, stay motivated and committed to your training, even when things get tough.

indisoft supports you if you have any questions, concerns or requests. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We support you along the way until the systemic coach training is completed. Following your training, we offer you a mentoring programme through the "Coachingwerkstatt Berlin". If required, experienced coaches will support you for six months in your first steps as a coach.

Systemic Coach Training

Systemic coaches are more in demand than ever in these 5 professional fields

Systemic coaches are in demand in various professional fields. In personnel or business consulting, they assist companies in restructuring, enhancing communication, and fostering employee collaboration. Moreover, they contribute to personnel development by guiding individuals in their personal and professional growth. Leadership development is another area where systemic coaches are sought after. They help executives enhance their leadership competencies and gain new perspectives through workshops and coaching sessions.

In adult education, systemic coaching supports learners by considering their individual needs and assisting them in achieving their goals. In family and youth welfare, systemic coaches improve communication within families and help find solutions to challenging situations. They also support young individuals in career orientation and planning. Lastly, in healthcare and nursing, systemic coaches aid in treating mental illnesses and help patients and their families cope with the effects of the illness. They also enhance motivation and quality of life for individuals with chronic illnesses.


The systemic coach training in English at indisoft is just right for you if you are interested in a career as a systemic coach but have difficulties with the German language. You may feel more confident this way and even have other advantages. For example, it gives you access to a wealth of professional literature or research that enriches the learning experience and keeps you up to date with the latest developments in systemic coaching. In this way, you not only broaden your professional development, but also your cultural and linguistic horizons.

To be successful in the English language training, you should have a solid foundation in English grammar and vocabulary, improve your listening and speaking skills, and stay motivated and committed to the training. For everything else, we are by your side and guide you through the training. As a systemic coach, you are in great demand in various professional fields, such as human resources or business consultancy, leadership development, adult education, family and youth welfare as well as health care and nursing. You can help people in these fields in a wide variety of ways to improve their lives and achieve their goals in a self-confident and empowered way.