Individual developments and retraining with Chamber of Commerce degree

indisoft GmbH has specialized on vocational training, adult education, job placement and staff recruitment since 1991. The range of courses offered includes continuing education, retraining, extra occupational training and corporate training in the fields of IT, media and healthcare. We also offer courses for industrial, technical and commercial fields . A comprehensive overview of the educational opportunities available at indisoft GmbH can be found in our course index.

Preparatory language courses

You can prepare for the commercial sector modules by choosing from the following language modules:

  • German as a foreign language for the commercial sector (levels B1, B2, B2 Plus)
  • English as a foreign language for the commercial sector (levels B1, B2)

Job placement

For no charge, the recruitment department at indisoft GmbH assists you with your search for employment options that are right for you. We advise and mediate both the student as well as national and international experts and executives.

Free Consultation

Contact our English speaking consultants by email : info@indisoft-weiterbildung.de. Please send your CV including and a telephone number and we will contact you for detailed information.